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Shipping a car out of Buffalo doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Choose a legitimate, registered auto transporter with experience hauling in the Buffalo area. The Buffalo News has partnered with ConsumerAffairs to create this guide by comparing consumer reviews and local availability of 20 businesses and choosing six favorites from the top auto transport companies in Buffalo.

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What Buffalo residents should look for in auto transport companies

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New York state is a major destination and hub for auto transport carriers. As New York’s second-largest city, Buffalo is a top area of car shipping activity in New York because of its size, location close to Interstate 90 and proximity to the New York City metropolitan area.

There are many factors and decisions to consider when shipping a vehicle, whether regionally or across the country. As you make these decisions, gather multiple quotes, look at reviews and compare services offered by several auto transport carriers. In the U.S., all auto transport companies that operate between states are required to register with the Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and possess MC Docket numbers. Look for discounts and savings options when you contact multiple companies for quotes.

How to ship a car in Buffalo

After you find an auto transport company and receive estimates, it’s important to choose the correct service and follow the company’s instructions for car shipping. General guidelines to follow include the following:

  1. Work with the company to choose how you want your car delivered (open or closed transport). Also, set the pickup and drop-off locations. Many companies advise clients to clean the inside and outside of their cars.
  2. Leave the gas tank one-quarter full. Many companies require cars to have low fuel amounts to lessen the weight for transport.
  3. Turn off the car alarm.
  4. Remove any personal belongings and any automated toll collection device from the vehicle.
  5. Prior to pickup, take pictures of existing damage to the car. Review your insurance policies and the carrier’s insurance.
  6. Have your car ready and waiting at the pickup location and time. Auto transport takes time, and delays happen, so pickup windows can span a couple of hours. Some carriers charge extra for exact pickup times.
  7. Keep up to date with shipping progress and the estimated delivery date and time. Most companies have a way for you to track your vehicle while it’s en route.
  8. Be present for drop-off. Inspect the vehicle for damage before signing for delivery.

How much does it cost to ship a car in Buffalo?

The average cost for long-distance auto transport (for example, from Buffalo to Miami) is between $600 and $1,500. Use the following rule of thumb to estimate the cost of shipping a car from Buffalo:

  • Shipping a car under 500 miles costs $1 per mile.
  • Shipping a car over 500 miles costs 75 cents per mile.
  • Shipping a car more than 1,000 miles costs 60 cents per mile.

The cost of auto transport depends on multiple factors, including distance of shipping, the time of year, the vehicle make and model and whether the vehicle runs. Open transport is cheaper than enclosed transport, and terminal-to-terminal transport is cheaper than door-to-door transport. Summer months, from June to August, are the peak season for most auto transport companies, making it the most expensive time to ship. It’s cheaper to ship a vehicle in the offseason. Because prices can vary, it’s important to compare quote estimates from different auto transport companies.

Buffalo auto transport FAQ

What is the cheapest way to ship a car?

The price of shipping a car varies by vehicle type, transportation method and distance. It’s a good idea to get multiple quotes from different companies. Shipping via open transport is cheaper than closed shipment. Terminal-to-terminal shipping is less expensive than door-to-door shipping, but usually less convenient, as the vehicle is shipped to a storage terminal.

Can I ship my car by train?

Not from Buffalo. The only train route that exists to ship cars is from the Washington, D.C., area to the Orlando area and back. This is a service offered by Amtrak.

How long does it take to ship a car?

If a vehicle is being shipped under 200 miles, shipping can take just a couple of days. Cross-country shipping usually takes between two and seven days, although sometimes it takes up to two weeks. The shipping time depends on multiple factors, including distance, the route, weather and traffic conditions.

Can I pack my car when shipping it?

Each auto transport carrier has its own policy regarding shipping personal items within vehicles. Some auto transport carriers allow personal belongings up to a total of 100 pounds. It’s safest not to pack any personal belongings in a vehicle when shipping it.

How much does it cost to ship a car overseas?

Standard transport by boat ranges between $1,000 and $5,000. Transport by airplane is also available for between $5,000 and $40,000. Shipping insurance, duties and other taxes are additional costs to consider.

Buffalo auto transport company information

Sherpa Auto Transport

Sherpa Auto Transport is a national vehicle transportation company with service in and out of Buffalo. It provides free quotes and offers multiple carrier options, door-to-door transport and a clean car guarantee. Sherpa Auto Transport assists anyone who needs to move a car, whether for home relocation, military relocation, moving to college or making a snowbird move.

Sherpa Auto Transport Learn More

Montway Auto Transport

Montway Auto Transport, with competitive prices and reliable customer support, is among the industry's leading transportation companies. Buffalo customers can access an instant estimate by submitting information online. No upfront payment is required. Montway has over 13 years of experience in the industry and has worked with over 500,000 customers.

Montway Auto Transport Learn More (866) 618-7655


eShip operates in all 50 states, shipping cars, boats, motorcycles and RVs. The company provides open and closed transport, as well as expedited transport options. eShip offers free estimates and provides door-to-door delivery. It has a reimbursement policy for rental cars in case of a delayed transport.



AmeriFreight is an auto transport broker operating nationwide, including to and from Buffalo. Multiple discounts are available, including for military members, students and early sign-up. The company offers gap coverage for maximum protection of your vehicle. Rates are guaranteed, and no money is required upfront, according to its website.

AmeriFreight Learn More (678) 783-8206

Erin and Bill’s Automotive & Transport

Based in Buffalo, Erin and Bill’s Automotive & Transport offers auto transport in the lower 48 states. The company specializes in shipping vehicles from New York to Florida. Contact Erin and Bill’s Automotive & Transport for a free quote. The company is located at 140 Irwin Place, Buffalo, NY 14228.

Erin and Bill’s Automotive & Transport

Global Auto Transportation

Global Auto Transportation is a nationwide auto transport carrier and broker with local operations in Buffalo. GAT offers open, enclosed, expedited and door-to-door transportation options across the entire country. Beyond cars, GAT ships boats, buses and motorcycles. GAT has experience in snowbird relocations and military vehicle relocations. The company is located at 78 College St., Buffalo, NY 14201.

Global Auto Transportation