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Find the Best Hot Tubs in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo residents can benefit from the comfort and relaxation of a hot tub all year round, from warm summer evenings to cold winter days. The Buffalo News has partnered with ConsumerAffairs to create this guide by comparing the customer ratings, hot tub selections and local availability of 17 businesses and choosing eight favorites from the top hot tub companies in Buffalo.

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How to choose a hot tub in Buffalo

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There are a wide variety of hot tub styles and features available on the market, so you should consider what you want out of your hot tub before picking a model. While some consumers prioritize cost over everything else, other people may have specific issues they want to target with features such as aromatherapy or hydrotherapy. Some New Yorkers want to use their hot tub as an entertainment piece, so they invest in additions like lighting and speakers.

Here are a few of the most popular features and accessories for hot tubs in Buffalo:

  • Lights and speakers: Most hot tubs include lights, but some homeowners want LED and color-changing spa lights added to their tubs, too. You can also choose from a variety of hot tub stereo systems to get features like Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Hot tub cover lifts: All hot tubs should be covered when not in use to prevent bacteria and debris from getting in and keep heat from getting out. Most come with a traditional manual cover, but you can purchase a hydraulic or bar lifter cover to make taking the cover on and off easier.
  • Hot tub steps: Hot tubs are fairly tall, so getting into and out of them can be complicated. Many people choose to install hot tub steps and handrails to make it easier and safer. There are also hot tub steps with storage available.
  • Saltwater sanitation systems: Saltwater is softer on your skin than chlorine, and many people think that soaking in a saltwater hot tub feels more natural and comfortable.
  • Swim-spa, hot-tub combos: These are a great option for homeowners who want to use their hot tubs for swimming.

Hot tub pricing in Buffalo

In Buffalo, hot tub prices range anywhere between $3,000 and $15,000, depending on a variety of factors.

  • The lower end of this range is mostly made up of basic models that you can install on your own.
  • More luxurious options are packed full of features and typically include professional installation in the price.

Many Buffalo companies offer financing options to help cover the cost of purchasing a hot tub.

Installing a hot tub in Buffalo

Hot tub installation is easy enough that homeowners can often do it, as long as there’s adequate space where the ground is level and secure. A grassy area is not ideal for a hot tub because the weight and moisture of the tub can drive it into the earth. Better choices include sand, wood or even concrete. If you don’t have access to an electrical outlet or water faucet outside, you likely need to complete electrical and plumbing work, as well.

In Buffalo, there are electrical codes that require a work permit for above ground pools and tubs that are over 2 feet deep, including the vast majority of hot tubs. If plumbing or electrical work is also involved, you need permits for that work as well. Some neighborhoods and cities outside Buffalo, like Newstead, require fences around the enclosure.

Buffalo hot tubs FAQ

Do I need a permit for a hot tub in Buffalo?

Yes, installing a hot tub over 2 feet deep requires a permit in Buffalo.

Do hot tubs need a water supply?

No, hot tubs are not directly connected to a water supply. However, you need access to a hose to fill it up.

How much does a hot tub cost to run in Buffalo?

Hot tubs cost $30 - $50 to run per month, but these costs can go up, depending on how well insulated your hot tub is and how cold it is outside.

Are hot tubs a lot of maintenance?

Not really. Check the water every week to make sure it’s clean and balanced. Then, clean the filters every month, and rinse the tub with the water drained every few months.

What should I clean my hot tub with?

Distilled vinegar and denatured alcohol are good options for hot tub cleaning. Most manufacturers warn against using household cleaners because they can dull the tub’s shine and leave residue.

How long do hot tubs last?

Hot tubs last anywhere between five and 20 years, with the average lifespan falling around eight to 10 years with proper maintenance.

Can you negotiate hot tub prices?

Yes, most of the time. Many businesses offer better prices if you negotiate, but some national companies do not allow for negotiation because they run promotions and other discounts throughout the year.

Buffalo hot tub store and brand information

Marquis Spas

Marquis Spas’ models range from basic to luxury hot tubs, with added features like ergonomic support, oxygen skin therapy, lighting and surround sound available. All products come with a warranty, and you can schedule a test soak to try out a few models before purchasing. Marquis Spas is a national hot tub and swim spa manufacturer with multiple partners in New York who carry its brand.

Marquis Spas

Master Spas

Master Spas is the largest swim spa manufacturer in the world. The company uses exclusive materials and products, like its Icynene Foam Insulation and Mast3rPur Water Management System, to enhance its tubs’ durability, longevity and sustainability. Customers can find Master Spas dealers in and around Buffalo.

Master Spas


ThermoSpas is a direct-to-consumer spa business offering high-quality hot tubs at affordable prices. Customers have the ability to customize their hot tub to their needs with features like lights and additional jets. All its representatives complete a four-level training program to provide helpful services, like free on-site evaluations. All ThermoSpas deliveries include spa placement and help installing options at no additional charge.


Creekside Hot Tub and Sauna Co.

Creekside Hot Tub and Sauna Co. is a sauna and hot tub dealer serving Western New York. The company stocks its showroom with a wide range of products from manufacturers like Finnleo, Sunrise Spas and Aspen Spas. Its services include repairs, installation and moving, but it also offers mobile hot tub rentals delivered to your home. Visit Creekside Hot Tub and Sauna Co.’s showroom at 5981 Main St., Williamsville, NY 14221.

Creekside Hot Tub and Sauna Co.

Pool Mart

With over 100 models in stock, Pool Mart is a great option for customers who want flexibility and control over their hot tub purchase. Pool Mart’s hot tubs start at $2,999 from brands like Hot Spring, Free Flow and Mira. Customers have the option to choose from pre-owned hot tubs, as well. Pool Mart’s local store is at 3700 Delaware Ave., Tonawanda, NY 14217.

Pool Mart

Majestic Pools & Spas

Majestic Pools & Spas offers Buffalo’s largest hot tub showroom with over 100 tubs on display and more than 250 in stock. The company carries major brands like Vita Spa, DreamMaker Spas and Pinnacle Spas, and its service technicians provide quick installation and efficient service. Visit Majestic Pools & Spas’ showroom at 6315 Transit Road, Depew, NY 14043.

Majestic Pools & Spas

Pool Brite

As an exclusive Sundance Spas dealer, Pool Brite offers luxury hot tubs designed for the ultimate spa experience. Products include a variety of features like aromatherapy, color selection and app connectivity. With its Build and Price tool, customers can find the hot tub that offers the most features within their budget. Customers can easily request services, like maintenance and repair, through its website, too. Visit Pool Brite at 4525 Bailey Ave., Amherst, NY 14226.

Pool Brite

Fisher Pools & Supplies

The team at Fisher Pools & Supplies specializes in selling hot tubs from Sunrise Spas. Its spa services include accessory installation and water testing and maintenance. Visit Fisher Pools & Supplies’ store at 247 Lake St., Hamburg, NY 14075.

Fisher Pools & Supplies