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Find the Best Tax Relief Services in Buffalo, NY

For Buffalo residents who owe back taxes, a tax relief company can help set up a payment plan with the IRS or assist in other ways. The Buffalo News has partnered with ConsumerAffairs to create this guide by comparing consumer reviews and local availability of 40 businesses and choosing six favorites from the top tax relief companies in Buffalo.

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Common tax problems in Buffalo

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Buffalo residents with unfiled tax returns or existing tax debt should take action as soon as possible to find a solution. Interest and fees add up quickly on the unpaid balance, and the IRS will take action to collect what you owe. A tax relief company can help you get back on track, make it easier for you to meet your tax obligations and avoid further complications. Common tax problems in Buffalo include:

  • IRS liens and levies: The IRS can take action to seize your property and assets if you do not pay your tax debt. A tax lien secures the government’s interest in your property. A tax levy is a government seizure of your property to pay your tax debt. Avoid these situations by arranging a payment plan or other form of relief with the IRS.
  • Wage garnishments: If you fail to make payments on your tax debt, the IRS can require your employer to pay a portion of your wages toward your outstanding taxes. Wage garnishments, also called wage levies, apply to regular income and bonuses.
  • Back taxes: If you do not pay taxes that you owe when they are due, the outstanding balance becomes “back taxes.” Back taxes can result from failing to report all income, neglecting to file a tax return or filing a return without paying all taxes due. Tax relief often involves establishing a payment plan or negotiating a settlement for back taxes owed to the IRS.
  • Payroll tax debt: Businesses incur payroll tax debt when they fail to pay deductions owed on employee wages, such as Social Security taxes. The IRS can seize business assets for unpaid payroll tax debt.

Tax relief programs in Buffalo

To determine which programs you might be eligible for, a tax relief company looks at your tax debt amount and financial situation. In all situations, tax relief companies work to get your status in good standing with the IRS so you can get your finances back on track. In cases where payment of tax debt would cause financial hardship that would prevent a person from meeting basic needs, special payment plans may be available. Common tax relief options include:

  • IRS installment agreements: The IRS offers installment agreements, or payment plans, for taxpayers who can’t afford to pay their tax debt in full immediately but can pay it over time. Penalties and interest continue to accrue even if you are making regular payments.
  • Offers in compromise: An offer in compromise is a settlement in which the IRS agrees to accept a payment amount of less than what the taxpayer owes. The IRS may accept an offer in compromise if it believes the amount you owe is not fully collectible.
  • Penalty abatements: For those facing a penalty for failing to pay or file taxes, the IRS might waive the penalty if you have reasonable cause (e.g., death in the immediate family, fire) or you have no penalties in the three previous years.

Buffalo tax relief FAQ

Can you pay New York taxes with a credit card?

Yes, you can use a credit card to pay New York state taxes. A convenience fee may apply.

Do New York state tax liens expire?

New York state tax liens against personal property have a 20-year statute of limitations.

Are tax relief companies in Buffalo legitimate?

There are legitimate tax relief companies in Buffalo. Look for these companies by checking for a licensed attorney, accountant or enrolled agent on staff. Beware of companies that claim they can “guarantee” a reduction or elimination of your tax debt.

How do I check if I owe New York state taxes?

To check if you owe taxes in New York state, create an online services account on the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance website. The balance due is listed under the “Payments” section.

Buffalo tax relief company information

Community Tax

Community Tax provides help with tax debts of $10,000 or more. The process starts with a free consultation. Services include assistance with tax preparation, tax liens, tax resolutions, tax penalties and interest, levies and seizures, payroll taxes, offers in compromise, installment agreements, audits, wage garnishments and tax extensions. The company employs tax practitioners and CPAs on staff. Community Tax also provides guidance on your eligibility for the IRS Fresh Start program and can help you enroll.

Community Tax

Larson Tax Relief

Larson Tax Relief helps with business and personal income tax issues, including payroll taxes, bank levies, wage garnishments, asset seizure, unfiled tax returns, conflicts with revenue officers and tax liens. The company specializes in emergency and long-term tax relief. Larson Tax Relief has 20 enrolled agents on staff. Call for a free consultation.

Larson Tax Relief

Anthem Tax Services

Anthem Tax Services offers tax resolution services, with tax attorneys and enrolled agents on staff. Solutions include offers in compromise, the Fresh Start program, tax preparation services, installment agreements, bookkeeping, garnishment and levy release, freedom of information requests, currently not collectible status, penalty abatement, unfiled tax returns and corporate tax preparation.

Anthem Tax Services Learn More

IRS Help

IRS Help employs tax professionals to create a personalized plan to help solve tax problems. Get help with audit representations, offers in compromise, payment plans, penalty abatements, tax liens and levies, tax planning and wage garnishments. The initial tax consultation is free. The nearest office to Buffalo is located at 2952 Seneca St., West Seneca, NY 14224.

IRS Help

Gleichenhaus, Marchese & Weishaar, P.C.

Gleichenhaus, Marchese & Weishaar, P.C. is a law firm that can assist with tax problems in Buffalo. The firm helps with state and federal tax issues, sales tax, payroll tax, income tax, offers in compromise, audits, levies and liens, representation in tax court, tax appeals and bankruptcy. Call for a free consultation. The company is located at 43 Court St., 930 Convention Tower, Buffalo, NY 14202.

Gleichenhaus, Marchese & Weishaar, P.C.

Winspear Law

Winspear Law is headed by William Winspear, a former IRS officer and current tax professional and tax attorney. Practice areas include IRS tax relief, audit strategies and defense, offers in compromise, liens and levies, state tax appeals, tax court, innocent spouse relief, currently not collectible tax programs and bankruptcy. Call for a free consultation. The company is located at 43 Court St., Ste. 930, Buffalo, NY 14202.

Winspear Law